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Week 1: Hercules Hoist Training

The Hercules Hoist isn’t going anywhere in 2019. Get ready for it by doing the following week...

Week 2: Bucket Brigade Training

A gravel filled 5-gallon bucket that must be carried 200-to-400 meters in a Spartan Race, often...

Week 3: Atlas Carry Training

Shout out to our Spartan fitness influencer Jess Glazer who shows us...

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The Spartan Workout Tour

It doesn't matter if you're training for a Spartan Race, or if you're looking to break out of a training rut with something new. The Spartan Workout Tour is the perfect chance to step up to a new challenge. This free, 90-minute bodyweight session, led by a Certified Spartan SGX Coach, will push your mind, while training and sculpting your body.

Switch it up, get out there with friends, and have fun. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with all that encouragement. Nothing prepares you better for a Spartan race or for the race of life.

Spartan Obstacle Specialists

Some people may accept burpees as fate when they fail an obstacle. But you want to avoid those burpees by crushing the obstacles. Top Spartan SGX Coaches and Pro Team athletes will help you with the right techniques to overcome any obstacle - on course or in life. They will help everyone get better; from first-time racers to seasoned athletes.

Classes are generally held at Spartan Race venues on the real obstacles, and with a 20 person limit, you'll get the type of one-on-one training you need to realize your goal of obstacle immunity.

From Spartan Training®

How to Get Good at Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are an essential exercise for success on any Spartan course. The ability to conquer...

Simple, Effective, & Spartan: 10-Minute Burpee Workouts

When you fail an obstacle during one of our events, you need to do 30 burpees....

Resting Heart Rate: How Low Should Yours Get?

Most medical organizations recommend that an adult’s resting heart rate should...

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You want to push yourself to reach your true potential. You want to take that next step to transform yourself. That's what Spartan-certified SGX Coaches are forged to do. You'll find expert Coaches across the globe, so there are no excuses. Spartan SGX coaches work with you to broaden your expectations and smash past any limits you may be struggling with. You'll find a mix of training options with these Coaches, from Spartan group training classes in boxes and gyms to one-on-one sessions in your own backyard. Every Coach is committed to creating the same kind of life-changing experiences as a Spartan Race.

Use our directory to find a Spartan certified trainer in your area.

Are you SGX Coach Material?

A Spartan is defined by uncommon characteristics. Grit. Determination. Resilience. They are forged over time. Do you think you have what it takes to build Spartans? That's what SGX Coaches do.

Are you a gym owner or trainer? Looking to expand your fitness knowledge? Are you looking to offer a completely new challenge to your members? Do you want to attract a whole new breed of fitness enthusiasts? Respond to the call then, and become a certified Spartan SGX Coach to take your career or gym to the next level. Join the Spartan Training® community of top fitness professionals, who aren't interested in the next fitness fad. Join our mission to change the world one Spartan at a time.